Li Ning Lin Dan Mega Power N90 III 3D Break Free Racket

Li Ning Mega Power Flame N55 III Zhang Nan Badminton Racket

Li Ning N90 III S-Type 3D Break Free Racket

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Series: Li-Ning MC (Multi Control)
Tech:3D Break-Free
Celebrity:Lin Dan
String Tension: Cross: 26-30lb Main: 24-28lb
Feature: Defensive
Weight: 85-89g(3U/W3)
Flex: Soft
Length: 675mm
Grip Size: S2(3.25inch)
Balance: 302mm
Material: Carbon Fiber
Tailor made for Zhao Yunlei, Li Xuerui and Ma Jin.
Li-Ning N90-III Badminton Racket
Model: Li-Ning N90-III Badminton Racket
Style Code: AYPK008-1
Color: White/Red
Materials: Military Grade Carbon Fiber
Weight: 85-89 grams (3u/w3)
Grip Size: S2 (3.25INCH)
Overall Length: 675mm
Grip Length: 200mm
Balance Point: 295mm
Flex: Soft
TENSION: Vertical 24-28 lbs, Horizontal 26-30 lbs

Tailor made for Zhao Yun Lei, Li Xue Rui and Ma Jin in 2016 Rio Olympic Games.
Li-Ning Multi Control N90-III 3D Break-Free Badminton Racket

Li-Ning N90 III S-Type Badminton Racket is a fast attacking racket for all round high performance. The N90 III plays similar to the previous versions, but with the new frame shape it cuts the air faster for even faster head speed.
Creating uniqueness and fighting spirit.
A design which speaks of change.
N90-III is specially designed for big power, offensive and for attacking oriented badminton players.
This racket is specialised for the durability with intense power.
The wind blade frame construction minimizes air resistance.
The racket becomes more powerful and unbeatable with the application of mega power product specifications.
The upper frame bends forwards when hitting the shuttle to create faster and more powerful smashes.
Strengthen the smashing power.

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Color White, Red
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