Li Ning Shoes Technologies


Li-Ning Cloud: The mid-sole is made by a special high polymer material. Slows down impact. Gives full feet cushioning and amazingly high rebound. Transforms resilience power into high efficient cycle system. Soft and light-weight.
Li-Ning Bow(Cross): The Li-Ning BOW arch and string structure transformed into a ”unit Bow”. The Cross Bow units are placed in specific locations for full cushioning.
Advantage: Full cushioning, lightweight and guidance through the step
Li-Ning Arc: One piece rubber outsole for great cushion and comfort. Easily bended and great flexibility. Super fiber for great warmth. Full rubber arc design on mid-sole which provides full feet cushioning and forward flexibility during running.
A.W.S. Cushion: Shock-absorbing material provides extra protection from harmful impact forces with additional heel cushioning.
Bounse: BOUNSE has a higher rebound than ordinary midsole material. Bounse assists foot propulsion by providing better resilience and reducing loss of energy during dynamic movement.
CUSHION: Placed strategically at the impact area, CUSHION protects the foot by providing shock absorption and support for a smooth ride.
BOW: Exclusive to Li-Ning, the bowstring structure of LI-NING BOW functions as an independent suspension system providing optimal cushioning and support.


RBLITE: RB LITE is a lightweigh rubber material. It is 17% lighter than normal rubber compound. It provides comfort for performance and reduces sports energy loss.
FoamRBlite: Foam rubber material. It is 40% lighter than ordinary rubber. It provides comfort for performance and reduces sports energy loss.
FoamEVA: A lightweight EVA foam material. It is 30-40% lighter than ordinary EVA material. It provides comfort for performance and reduces sports energy loss.


FLEX SHELL: Through rational distribution perfectly combines the elastic materials with the special structure. Enhances the cordination of feet with the upper. Makes the side to side transition smoother. Increases lateral stability. Excellent wrapping performance.
ULTRA SHELL: Ultra shell upper technology provides dynamic protection. Woven mesh under the shell provides excellent air permeability. The Upper material gives effective wrapping.
X-CLAW Technology: Take full advantage of soft and hard surfaces. The hard material stretches out, goes deep into the ground and gets good traction during the sole flexing.
Xtructure: Adjustable system, creatively utilized leather and taps to make the shoe much more fit to the feet, provide excellent support and protection.
Carbon Fiber Plate: Positioned within the sole unit a carbon fibre plate adds spring on take off, with strength and support on landing.
ProBarLOC: PROBAR LOC provides superior midfoot protection, stability and support during each step, reducing fatigue to help maintain a high level of athletic performance.

Infinite SYSTEM: Enhance SUPPORT and ENERGY SAVING of forefoot during propulsion phase of hitting the ground. The “” structure of the Infinite System was specially designed according to walking barefoot pressure distribution and forefoot tendon mechanics.
Carbon Filber Cloth:
Solid System:


Tuff OS: Super abrasion resistance rubber compound. It has 5 times abrasion resistance performance as compared to normal rubber. Provides excellent abrasion resistance and durability performance of the footwear.
Tuff TIP: A high abrasion resistance material used for the toe area of upper of the whole upper. The abrasion resistance is 10 times higher than an ordinary material. The material can prevent from early wear of the whole upper part of the shoe, and prolong the shoes life.
Tuff RB:
pavTRAC: PavTRAC enhances agility by improving traction. PavTrac uses a superior anti-slip compound in the outsole. PavTrac material is also more durable than conventional rubber providing extra confidence to the athlete.

Dynamic Shell:


COOLNING: Coolning technology will transfer heat out from the shoe and gives comfort for your daily sports.
HEMP: Hemp fiber merged into a cotton lininig of EVA insole. Provides the excellent function of odor and moisture absorption and quick drying. Insole remains odorless and free of bacteria.
Seamless: Seamless is a one piece design. No stitching gives comfort and light weight.



Energy Return:

Carbon Fiber Plate: