Li-Ning Mega Power Turbo Charging 9TD Badminton Racket (Gold)

Li Ning Turbo Charging N9 Fu Hai Feng Badminton Racket

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Series: Li-Ning Mega Power Series
Tech:Bio Inner Cone; TB Nano Powertec; HDF Shock Absorption System; Stabilized Torsion Angle; Dynamic-Optimum Frame; Aerotec-Beam System
Celebrity:Fu Hai Feng
String Tension: Cross: 26-30lb Main: 24-28lb
Feature: Offensive
Weight: 85-89g(3U/W3)
Flex: Mid Flexible
Length: 675mm
Grip Size: S2(3.25inch)
Balance: 295mm
Material: Carbon Fiber
Tailer Made for Fu Hai Feng

The Li-Ning TurboCharging N9 Fu Hai Feng is used by China's mens doubles champion, Fu Hai Feng.
The Li-Ning TurboCharging N9 Fu Hai Feng is part of the "Mega Power" Series which is specially designed for offence oriented players that want to play with maximum power. This popular series includes badminton racquets with a higher balance point giving it heavier head while delivering tremendous shuttle striking capabilities. The integration of our unique multi-polymer and carbon fiber reinforcing technology adds numerous layers and strength to key racquet points. Increased strength and power of the shaft along with other reinforced areas makes this racquet one of the most durable offensive power driven racquets on the market today.
A breakthrough to the traditional racquet shaft. Li-Ning introduces a patented cone-shaped racquet shaft design. The cone shape moves the flex point further towards the racquet head. This allows the player to make steeper smash and drop shots. Premium patented technology for N Series-II generation. Handcrafted multi-layered carbon produces multi-directional strength while high tech and light weight shock absorption materials fill racket head cavities. Ultra elastic 3G titanium alloy at 3 and 9 oclock eliminates torque for an exact and stable stroke. The sweet spot is extended upwards moving the hitting area higher up the frame to increase power. The Isometric shape increases the overall size of the sweet spot for off centre hits. Based on aerotec-beam system support of advanced calculation and gathered practicing data the structure and shape of racquets frame section have extreme low drag coefficient and high intensity to enable the players performance in various shots. Enhanced nano technology bonds carbon fibres to resin to increase the raw material strength by 20%. Racquet shaft flexes closer to the racket head to produce improved smash and drop shot performance.

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