Li-Ning Yueying 4 Running Shoes

Li-Ning Yueying 4 Running Shoes

Li-Ning Yueying 4 PRO Running Shoes

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After standard Yueying IV, Li Ning also brings us the PRO version for professional runners who need nice cushion and stability.
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The Li-Ning Yueying 4 PRO is a professional running shoe designed for the discerning athlete seeking a perfect blend of comfort, responsiveness, and durability. Launched in our 2024 Q3 collection, these shoes are engineered to provide an unparalleled running experience.

Key Highlights:

Advanced Cushioning with Li Ning Cloud Plus Technology: Step into the future of comfort with our advanced midsole technology. The Li Ning Cloud Plus offers a plush, responsive ride, ensuring each footfall is cushioned for a smooth and comfortable journey.

Enhanced Stability through Probar Loc Technology: The Probar Loc system fortifies the shoe's stability, providing robust support at touchdown and reducing strain on the foot arch. This technology ensures a confident and steady stride, ready to tackle any distance.

Grip and Durability with GCU Ground Control Unit: Our GCU outsole is designed for superior traction and longevity. With its innovative pattern, it offers reliable grip on various surfaces, so you can run with confidence, no matter the terrain.

Breathable and Adaptive Upper Design: Crafted with a fusion of premium fabrics and TPU, the upper adapts to the shape of your foot, offering a snug fit without compromising breathability. Enjoy a fresh, comfortable run every time.

Heightened Performance with Increased Midsole Dimensions: We've upped the ante with an 11% increase in midsole thickness, complemented by a 20% improvement in shock absorption and a 15% boost in stability. These enhancements make the Yueying 4 PRO not just thicker but smarter, offering a higher level of performance and comfort.

Experience the Difference: The Li-Ning Yueying 4 PRO Running Shoes are more than just footwear; they're an extension of your stride, designed to support and enhance your running journey. Whether you're training for a race or simply love the thrill of a good run, these shoes are your go-to for a comfortable and responsive experience.

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