DHS Double Happiness 2-Star 40+ Table Tennis Training 10 Balls/Box

DHS Double Happiness Ma Long 3-Star 40+ (SEAM) 6 Balls

DHS Double Happiness 1-Star 40+ 'CELL-FREE-DUAL' Table Tennis Ball


Li Ning company has officially announced the acquisition of Double Happiness Sports limited company in 2007. This CELL-FREE-DUAL ball adopts new material formula and craftsmanship which are different from CELL-FREE ball to have more accurate sphericity and better elasticity.

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Model: DHS 1-Star 40+ 'CELL-FREE-DUAL' Table Tennis Ball
Release date: Spring 2016
Code: ABLK13
Style: Star series
Color: White
Size: 40mm
Quantity: 10 pcs
Brand: DHS
Tailored for table tennis
Condition: Brand New and 100% Authentic

1. New technology seam ball CD40+
2. Better elasticity and faster speed
3. Suitable for quick attacks
4. The SEAM, then the FOCUS, and the PRECISE

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Color White
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