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Li Ning High Carbon HC1800 Badminton Racket

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String Tension: Cross: 20-24lb Main: 22-26lb
Feature: Balanced
Weight: 3u/w3
Flex: Mid Flexible
Length: 675mm
Grip Size: S2(3.25inch)
Material: Carbon Fiber
Blance Point: 290mm
This carbon fiber racket is made to slice through the air delivering precision and power with out having to compromising maneuverability. Its flexible nature also it to with stand impact and keep working like new. Available in a silver and gold combination to help you stand out on the courts. The head light balance allows for a greater level of control over the racket. The Ultra Carbon 1800 badminton racket is part of the Mega Power! Series and is specially designed for BIG POWER, OFFENSE AND ATTACK ORIENTED badminton players that want to play with maximum power. The Mega Power Series is specially designed for offense oriented players who want to play with maximum power. This popular series includes badminton rackets with a higher balance point giving it a heavier head while delivering tremendous shuttle striking capabilities. The integration of our unique multi-polymer and carbon fiber reinforcing technology adds numerous layers and strength to key racket points. Increased strength and power of the shaft along with other reinforced areas makes this racquet one of the most durable offensive and power driven racket on the market today.

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